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A blog that chronicles my personal journey from unemployment to self employment. Besides discussing my joblessness & getting out of joblessness, I also blog about life and stuff. 

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“You  will be what you will to be!

The Human Will, that force unseen, the  offspring of a deathless soul, can hew a way to any goal.”

James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

Author Bio:


Educated unemployed Indian is a blogger & freelancer. She is from a Northeastern state of India & lives in a small city with just enough coffee shops to sustain her caffeine addiction. 

Born & brought up by working parents in a not so functional family. Not too dysfunctional, because all the children in the family have survived. Little broken in places, but nonetheless survived! 

Talking of surviving, she has found her one true love. It has four legs, one hell of a cute nose, two gravity bound ears & a wagging tail. 🐶 

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