Follow your own advice

Follow your own advice
Follow your own advice!

I thought about writing a blog post and realized something important!

I thought about writing a blog post on how to deal with stress and anxiety from unemployment. I thought this is a good topic since stress and anxiety are major issues related to unemployment.


As I started writing…

I started writing but for some reason the process felt too difficult. I felt so much at an unease. I tried to think hard and wrote the first few lines. Once you start writing then it’s not hard to finish and so I finished the post.

As I went back to revising the post I realized…

As I went back to reading and revising the post I realized why the writing process was difficult.

I wrote a few points of advice or suggestions, simple things to do in daily life. I realized that I needed to follow my own advice to deal with the stress and anxiety I experience.

Follow your own advice
Follow your own advice!

You know about doing somethings to make your life better but knowing them is often not enough. You need a little motivation, a lift or a push to get on with life and do what needs to be done.

I’m going to give myself that lift and be the motivator and the motivatee! I’ll begin by following the few suggestions I wrote in the blog post. Once I am done then and then only I’ll post it. So when you see this ‘how to’ post you’ll know I have successfully completed this task.

Good idea
Good Idea!


Thank you!


🕳 Please share how you motivate yourself to do simple but important everyday things that makes life better.


60 thoughts on “Follow Your Own Advice

      1. It will work, it is all about the positive mindset.
        Write down your goals and what you want to achieve.
        Each day make those small steps towards your goal.
        When you have achieved a milestone, celebrate it.
        Always have the end goal in mind. All the best.☺

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  1. Great little post. Glad you accomplished motivating yourself, or I’m assuming you did hence the posting. A really basic but sure fire thing I do is make lists. Lists of things I want to accomplish for the week let’s say, then break it down to the day and you can get really creative with it if that’s your thing. Use coloured highlighters for certain types of things on your list, like pink for chores inside the home and yellow for errands outside etc.. Be sure to cross out the chore with a big black marker when it’s complete. There’s something about seeing it all down on paper and marked off that give a real sense of accomplishment and success. I get on a roll then and want the gratification of success and the reward of feeling good. As I said, simple but great motivator. Works for me anyway.

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  2. I totally agree with you! Only the knowledge of what needs to be done seldom suffices. The motivation is often very subjective. It’s different for different people and also varies according to exactly what are you trying to accomplish. You simply just…. Know it when you’ve found it. Like I did a few months ago. And brought in a major change. I’ve also discussed a similar topic on my blog, although it’s in a VERY different form.

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  3. Definitely you’re the expert of your life! I’ve done this my whole life. Sometimes I wondered if there is something wrong with me not being able to follow many others advice. But it’s only landed me in the best situations !

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  4. Do the most important thing first. I used to leave writing until last, now it is often the first thing I do. That way I don’t get resentful that I haven’t done something for myself and I feel good about the writing, no matter what else happens. Another good tip, but not one I always manage to follow, is do the hardest/scariest thing first, then you get it out of the way and it doesn’t hang over your day. It feels good and makes the day better.

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      1. Every days chores and motivation are difficult areas for a lot of people, so be kind to yourself and also enjoy your daily life at the same time, I have to regularly remind myself that it is meant to be fun, not an endles to do list! I love the fact that you said you are actually going to do your tips first then write about them, that is so much more interesting and hopefully will be helpful to you. I am inspired by your post to do something along the same lines re getting rid of (unecessary) shame. Step one, share my blog with all my friends (done), step two, share pictures of my kitchen looking a mess (done) steps three, four and five, I hope to come up with something! I only realised this was a plan when I read your post and wrote about what I’d been doing to a friend and fellow blogger! Writing really is such good therapy! All the best, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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      2. Doing chores does feel like a drag on most days and with absolutely no motivation to do them, it’s just too difficult to get them done. Your approach sounds like something with less pressure and more manageable. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to reading your future posts as well.

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      1. Wonderful! It’s difficult for me to judge the following some blogs have. Yours certainly seems to have a healthy following and that is well deserved but it made me uncertain as to whether or not you might be interested in the award. I’m glad to know you are! I hope it helps to spur along your blog’s growth!

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      2. I think it is a big deal when someone thinks about a blog as deserving of a nomination. I feel very happy & overwhelmed accepting nominations for such blogger awards & especially by great bloggers such as you. Thank you ❤


  5. Do you have a love? Find your love and pursue it. Love breeds passion. Fire! Passion, love, and meaning helps a whole lot with the motivation. It’s more than positive thinking. It’s a different way of living.Love motivates even when we don’t feel positive. Even when we may feel defeated, bad, worthless. Find your love.

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  6. Hello!! If anyone could take a moment to give me some advice on my blog, its for my social media marketing class and I wanted to get the perspective of others before presenting it!


  7. That’s true honesty, admitting that you need to follow your own advice, instead of being “perfect” and telling others what they should do. I find myself in the same position, what I write or say, I want to give advice to others but many times I write or speak as if it were for myself too.
    My motivation is faith, and it never fails to guide me even through my most toughest moments in life.

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  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Brought me here! Wonderful writing and spirit you are sharing – thank you. I love this piece on “following your own advice.” i sometimes write poems on gratitude, surrender and just overall positivity feel so happy….then later i get bogged down again in some life issues — i read my poems and think — i should just follow this!!! 🙂 I was so happy to hear the same message from you. Best wishes for your every success! Thanks again! 🙂

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