Thank you
Thank you

Before I say anything else I’d like to say ‘Thank You! I know it’s not a huge number and not at all a big deal that the blog now has 200+ followers. But some how it means something special to me. 

Thank you

Just wanted to say…….

I can explain this further actually! Yesterday when I looked at the notification that said ‘congratulations  on getting 200 total followers’, it left a wave of positivity in me. And trust me I can use a little positivity if I could get some!

Swing, swinging, swings
You’re so cool to swing by my blog 😎

Thank you to all the wondrous souls who swinged by my blog,

Thank you for each time you clicked the like button and that was the most wonderful sign of your support.

Thank you for so many kind, encouraging & gracious comments which made me smile with joy.

Swinging, thank you, positive vibes
Positive vibes only!

Thank you! 

44 thoughts on “Before I say anything else I’d like to say ‘Thank You!

      1. I said my piece to clear the air. And you said “arse” “enjoy your unemployment” but atleast you closed the comment with “all the best! ” Not saying any more or you’re going to call me “smart arse” again!


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