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The heartache journal- Addictions

“Addictions are nothing but our repeatedly indulged bad habits.”

All of us have some bad habits and most of us have few addictions. Addictions are nothing but our repeatedly indulged bad habits. There are different kinds of addictions, some of them more serious and ought to be feared. While some others though less threatening to physical well-being but none the less damaging and regressing.

I have many bad habits and the likes of which will be discussed in another post of this series. I also happen to have a few addictions which fall in the latter category mentioned in the above paragraph, that is the less serious one.

To begin with, I am addicted to this phone in which I am typing this journal right now.

I am always doing something with the phone, it will end up on my palms for most of the waking hours of my day.

Sometimes it’s productive also. For instance, 90% of the blogging activities including writing posts and editing pictures are done on the phone. Other times it’s to attend to the notifications and social media.

Social media is very tiring and addicting in itself, it adds to the hours with the phone that I don’t even have! And then there is youtube; and never ending list of interesting blogs/ websites to read; memes to laugh at. The funtivities never ends in the world of this phone.

Can you blame me for getting addicted to this wondrous, most fascinating device smartly called smartphone. I am guilty of this addiction which has taken an ugly turn.

I can’t sit idly and not think about using the phone for even two minutes. All the extra time I spend on the phone I could go out and smell some flowers or do something engaging with real people who are not hand held devices.

I am also starting to have difficulty falling asleep and I blame the phone for it. I am beginning to feel I have slowly started to become more indifferent and absentminded lately than ever before.

Although a minor addiction to something small like your phone is not acute or intense but it certainly is not a thing to be encouraged. It comes with its drawbacks (evil genius) after all.

An addiction is an addiction and too much of anything is always bad. Nothing over cooked ever tastes good!

Last thoughts:

I have been trying to fight this less intense addiction of mine and have been unsuccessful so far.

But I haven’t given up yet. I have cut down a few hours by keeping my head and rest of me busy doing chores and other physically doable works! So far I have rearranged my room and the organizing part is still going on. I have a lot of cleaning around the house to do, I’m hoping that will help with the cause as well.

I am positive, that my hands will soon learn to exist for longer than a few minutes without feeling the need to fill it’s gap with a cellphone.

‘Heartache Journal’ is a series where each month I share some thoughts close to my heart in a journal style of post.

Any advice or suggestions to counter attack this kind of minor addictions?

💬 Do share, if you too have an addiction to your phone like me?

Thank you


28 thoughts on “The heartache journal- Addictions

  1. This mobile addiction is/ has become a serious issue. The only way is to keep yourself busy. Schedule a time slot for using it. Like in the mornings 1-2 hrs , then evening another 1-2 hrs and switch it off during your sleep time! Force yourself out of your house and leave the mobile at home intentionally. When at home, do some household chores . Run some errands, clean up your cupboard, sweep and swab the house , literally keep yourself engaged with anything around the house. And if you can afford and are responsible , get yourself a pet!😊😊. They are good stress busters and keeps the mind occupied and calm.

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  2. I have decided the time to use the Laptop.
    Distinction in the reality and Online is important.
    The Internet , it modern, is required sift through the information.:D

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  3. That was so me. It’s easy to be addicted with phones as you can do almost everything with it. I’m practicing yoga now and it kinda helps in lessening my addiction. Try to engage on some activities especially the ones you can enjoy. Good luck to you 🙂

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  4. I think it is so I credibly awesome that you are so real and relateable with your posts and content. Someone out there really needs to hear what ur saying and I’m glad that you do what you do! God Bless u!

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    1. I can not thank you enough for your kindness. I feel very motivated by your encouraging words. Thank you so much Sarah. I’ll try to keep my content as real as I am and may be even try to improve it a little!
      Like you I too hope the blog will reach to people who might find the content useful or even amusing. If I can make someone smile or feel better, I can’t ask for more than that!

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  5. Not sure if I can give anything good but from my point of view we get addicted to things that we find to be good even though it’s bad for us and no matter how much we remind ourselves not to do it again we just keep repeating them and regretting it. But maybe what addicted people really need is a strong resolve to not do it again and something or someone to help them do it

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  6. I’d like to analyse this in a perspective of a Risk vs Benefit situation. This addiction applies to most people in this day and time. You are not alone. Although it being a mild addiction, addiction to one’s cellphone is still addiction. HOWEVER it produces a great output. You inspire a lot of people and to me that in itself is quite an achievement. Therefore the BENEFIT outweighed the risk.

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