‎”Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… Anyone can start over and make a new ending.”
I found an old article and it reminded me of a little story. Before I post that article, I want to share the story first. I thought it’s a story worth sharing and it should get it’s own post.
story, old, article
I found an old article…
I wrote this article in the year 2010 and I wanted to get it published in a newspaper. I submitted the article to a local newspaper, first a soft copy (no response) then a hard copy (still no response). I wrote a few more articles, tried to submit them and got the same response that is, no response.


Self defeat, article, writing, rejection
Accepting rejection and feeling self defeated!

So, after a while I assumed my writing must be crap and I accepted rejection followed by self defeat. I stopped writing and trying, thinking what’s the use? It’s never even going to reach anyone, let alone make a difference to someone.

Today I realize, what a big fool I was back then! This old piece of article has taught me a new lesson in life.

Follow your heart, not giving up
Listen to and follow your heart

If you want to do something and your heart is telling you to do that thing, you have got to follow your heart. No matter whether you find rejection, ridicule or criticism on your way, never ever accept self defeat.

If you keep trying, the universe will open up a door one way or the other.

What I should have done was kept trying or at least kept writing. That would have made a difference to me and my writing skills.

Anyways, better late than never! It’s because of technology and wordpress that I found new doors open up before me.


Giving voice to our thoughts…

To share our thoughts and speak our mind, we no longer need to convince a third person. The only person we need to convince is us, that we can do it.

I didn’t change anything in that article and it’s probably a little bit crap. But I’ll publish it anyway. Because this time it won’t get the ‘no response’ response!

💬 Do share your thoughts about this post.
Thank you for reading till the end!

36 thoughts on “An old article and a new lesson in life! 

      1. Your “little story” spoke for so many people that enjoys writing and are very passionate about it but have been rejected, looked over, trashed but God for every reject and every No, God is saying YES, and here we are expressing ourselves through our thoughts on what we are so passionate about and we have a platform of our own to share with the world. ❤️

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  1. Your same thoughts were expressed by one of my favorite guides and author: Steven Pressfield. He was interviewed for James Altucher’s podcast and he took this subject head on. At a point he said “I will write till I can’t, and I do not care if anyone reads or like it.” He used more flowery language but both you and he are right. Don’t quit.


  2. they say that determination is the #1 ingredient to any success..most people cant get past the mental aspect of rejection, personalizing it in a way that paralyzes their dream to manifest..we end up believing what we are told by critics who might not be our intended outlet or audience, setting the stage for the rest of the way.. glad you decided to perceiver and find your audience..

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    1. Thank you so much Maven for sharing the wonderful thought. We shouldn’t internalize criticism, rejection or negativity of any kind. Sometimes it gets a little hard to get past judgemental thinking but we have to have faith in ourselves, no matter what.
      Thanks again for the encouragement, I appreciate it ❤︎

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