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32 thoughts on “Do you like reading quotes as blog post?

      1. No one votes on poles , only dances on poles 🙈😂.Anyways , the blunder is corrected hopefully else you will have replies coming in from people asking if they should dance on poles or vote on polls😂. Sorry for the lame joke😛😐.

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  1. I like quotes that have verified attributions. The quote mills do absolutely no research to find out if Buddha, Gandhi, Einstein, or Mark Twain really said or wrote them. I was given a book mark with an inscription attributed to Henry David Thoreau. Turns out that the quote was by an author who wrote about Thorough. The Internet is brimming with fake quotes. If you commit to naming the source from verified research, you will stand out from the crowd. The best practice is, if you cannot find the book or paper or some other valid source, put “unknown,” or leave it blank. Any good aphorism can stand on its own.

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    1. That’s a valid point. I have also read quotes here & there with wrong credits. Einstein would be shaking his head to verify himself, ‘it wasn’t me, don’t know who said that!’ Only if he was alive!
      Jokes apart, I agree with you that it’s better to put ‘author unknown’ in case we can’t verify the original author. It sounds & feels better than a fake or mistaken credit.
      Thanks for sharing your great insight 😊


      1. You are welcome. BTW GoodReads, Brainyquotes, wisdomquotes, are some of “those” sites. Often I go to wikipedia where they distinquish quotes that are misattributed. Another good source is I think there is a quote detective, but I am not sure. I downloaded the complete works of Gandhi, and some other things like that.

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