Dogs have no money. They’re broke their entire lives. You know why dogs have no money? No pockets!” — Jerry Seinfeld

Do you have that one amazing dream, where you want to be your own boss? Whether you do or don’t want to feel like a boss, I’m going to convince you that… it’s going to be very very hard achieving this dream!

You probably are thinking I should say things like ‘if you can dream, you can achieve’ and ‘believe in your dreams & your dreams will come true.’ Well, you should dream and you must believe in your dreams. But that doesn’t mean dreams come true very easy or without any hurdles.


Depression, feelings, blog
Feel like a boat drifting in sea…

Sometimes it gets so hard that you give up on giving up! I’m talking like such a depress’o, and why shouldn’t I? I do feel very much depressed and that gives me right to use words like depress’o. Do cut me a slack if that word annoys you or even worse, offends you.

Coming back to the point which was the dream of becoming your own boss! It is such a wonderful feeling to think I’m my own employee and also the boss to that employee. Me working for myself, simply beautiful!

But a boss has to pay something the likes of a remuneration to her employee. Even if the employee is only me, I still need a little cash to take care of my (mind &) body. So far, I don’t see this happening. I have been working on my blog and a few other online projects, but without getting any reliable results. At least not yet!


I'm broke, be your own boss
Throwing money out the window, I wish!

At this point, I would like to reveal my turnover to you. I made a whopping 19 cents for almost 8K impressions last month, from the (wordads program) ads displayed on the blog. That’s it, that’s all of it! So, you know about my revenue but what about my expenses? My expenses or (as I proudly call them) my investment on the blog is definitely above and beyond 19 cents.

Please don’t feel sorry for me because for one, I feel sorry enough for myself. And two, it’s not like I don’t have food, shelter or clothing since my parents are supporting me. Don’t misunderstand them, they don’t like it one bit more than me not liking it. But they don’t complain or say anything, which says everything!


Be your own boss, blog, blogging
Just trying to create something!

Blogging is not something I do entirely for money, at least that is not my underlying motive. My aim is to speak up my mind with all honesty and my goal is to help someone (even if only one) in some way with my knowledge and experiences.

But, can we survive solely on our idealistic aims and selfishly selfless motives?

My answer to this ‘high level philosophical in nature’ kind of question is- ‘boy! The struggle is real!’

Last thoughts –

The process of achieving a big dream such as ‘being your own boss’ is difficult, that’s a given. But remember these words of a wise man who once said, everything worthwhile takes a while! So, if you want to feel like a boss, go ahead and feel like one. I’m trying to do the same!

Do you want to be your own boss? Share your thoughts…

Thank you for reading! 




48 thoughts on “What it takes to be your own boss? [Feel like a boss]

  1. I love that you didn’t say bullshit that are not realistic. Better to know you have to work hard to achieve your dreams rather than to go in wide eyed and believe everything would fall in place

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  2. I created my blog site purely to let others know what I am thinking and doing in my life. I use it as a form of therapy, I do not receive payment whatsoever nor do I expect it. I am retired registered nurse that had to stop working due to health issues. I live alone and receive a welfare pension. I struggle , but I manage and never ask for anything. All the best.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story, sharing your thoughts & your life through writing a blog is I think really great thing to do. It’s a good hobby and recreational activity to indulge in.
      Some people also choose to do blogging as a full time job & there are many big time bloggers in the blogosphere who are not ashamed to ask for little help from their readers if need be. There is no compulsion, its individual choice.
      I’m really happy to know that you receive welfare pension. I wish my country could or would also provide such benefits to people who are genuinely in need of such help.
      Best wishes to you too and hope you have a great day!


  3. I am also sailing in the same boat like you. I cannot at least at this point of time suggest anything as I am also standing in the same place where you are. Though I am a happily married woman, with a supportive family the only thing bothering me is to start earning and not depend on my husband or my parents. Now only I have realised my passion, but the question is can this passion earn you a living. So I can relate myself very much with this blog of yours. Thanks for sharing. And maybe patience is the only keyword at this point of time.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. There’s nothing more comforting than finding people dealing with relatable situations in life.
      You are absolutely right, patience is the key to success in any field and its especially more needed in creative fields. We also need to remind ourselves time & again that what we do is first & foremost for our passion then everything else.
      It takes a lot of courage to follow one’s passion, so stay strong my friend & keep dreaming with the same passion. I wish you all the luck for your dreams & aspirations. ❤︎

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  4. I blog just for sharing my thoughts.
    You are right , one should do something for the live of it. I appreciate your blogs and the thoughts expressed there in. You are sure doing good.

    God bless

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      1. first you need to invest in premium plan, choose option for ads on every page. With 130 followers i have 1800 impressions, you have ten times more followers, you should have ten times more followers. Try Amazon affiliates also. Make a page for Amazon product. If someone will buy from your page link, you will get as much as 8% of profit share.

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      2. I’m already using the premium plan. For the month of may I had almost 8 thousand ad impressions & my earning was 19 cents or ₹13! That was a bit disappointing. I like the idea of page with recommended good products, I’ll work on that. Do you use Amazon India or International?

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    1. I’m experimenting a bit with the ad placements, for July I have only used ads in the sidebar. Just want to see the difference in impressions. I have applied for amazon affiliates. Thank you for the suggestions, I’m working on these already, seems practical but probably going to take a while to get decent return. I’m disappointed by the wordads program though, the earnings are too low.

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      1. If you think wordads is not working for you, try Business plan, where you can choose google Adsense. Which might pay you better. You can also start your youtube channel, if you feel like that. Also, share your post to social media like facebook, twitter etc. With 1000 followers you must be earning more than $10 dollers at least just by wordads.

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      2. Yes indeed, $10 should be the minimum earning by the ads. That’s the reason I’m experimenting with the ad placements, why put so many ads all around the blog & irritate readers, when it doesn’t help to support the blog at all.
        This blog is connected to different social media, so updates go automatically when I post. I agree YouTube is a good source for organic traffic but I don’t think I’ll be any good at it. I’ll stick to blogging for now, this is more comfortable & people here are so much more considerate & helpful than anywhere else. Bloggers are very supportive of each others.
        And thank you so much, you’re very kind to share those useful suggestions.

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  5. I happened to stumble across your blog, and I’m glad I did. You have a nice blog here. I enjoyed this post – it cut through the crap and got to the point: earning money is difficult, and there are no shortcuts. But keep plugging away and I’m sure the results will start adding up. 🙂 Good luck! And keep blogging.

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    1. Thank you so much Sindhuja for your most kind and encouraging words. I’m glad too that you landed on my blog, I am grateful for the appreciation.
      All my best wishes to you too, hope you have a good day and a great week ahead! ❤︎


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