Word of the day, image with text
Do what’s impossible to believe!

What do you think about words? Can a word help you, influence you or simply inspire you?

Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

Thank You! 

29 thoughts on “Words have power | Word of the day (3)

  1. I get frustrated sometimes trying to find the perfect word to describe something important to me. But oh the satisfaction when I find that one perfect word. Then I can breathe again. Words are all we have to communicate our thoughts and ideas, and therefore are very important to me.

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  2. For me, the most powerful two words in English are: “Yes,” and “No,” not necessarily in that order. These words can change the direction of your life, or keep you on course, especially “No.”

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  3. I love the positive power of our words and actions. But what is truly incredible is when we express gratitude and happiness toward one another. I do my best to smile and greet everyone I see. It truly makes a difference in their day 🙂

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