Free, liberty, word, word of the day
Freedom from all restraints!

Would you like to suggest Word of the Day? 

Name some words that help you, influence you or simply inspire you? The one’s I connect with will be featured here with credit to you for word suggestion.

Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

Thank You! 

37 thoughts on “Words have power | Word of the day (4)

  1. Manoeuvre- because I’m in a phase of my life where I’m having to manoeuvre my thoughts and wants around each other to fit around the situation I am in. I don’t feel like I’ve ever had to manoeuvre as much. I mean I guess we do this at all points of our life but in particular, right now, that seems to be what I am about.

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  2. Good Morning! My word of the day is flexible. And I don’t mean our bodies. 🙂 We need to be flexible in our thoughts, our prayers, our wants, likes, dislikes. There are certain things I am trying to accomplish. One of them being to go back to school. Which starts next week. My school is stating that they still don’t have my high school transcript. How can you have 2 college transcripts and not reason that I definitely graduated high school. Common Sense is lost! But my being flexible let’s me breathe as say, “OK, it will happen when it is meant to happen.” How else can I remain clear and happy in my thoughts if I don’t remain flexible in my actions. Just some food for thought. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion & for sharing the lovely thought Christine. We indeed need to be flexible not just in our bodies but our thoughts, prayers & every aspect of life.
      I wish you all the luck to accomplish everything you’re trying to accomplish. Good luck🍀


  3. “PASSION”- I never seem to understand why this particular word inspires me so much. The pronunciation of the word itself sounds passionate. Ever since I came to know the word, I have tried to be passionate towards what I dream. And believe me, it helped.

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  4. “Thank you”=ありがとう
    I am alive thanks to my Ancestors, other’s Life give me nutrition, Air, Water and Nature …
    So, the word I like most is “Thank you”. 😀

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  5. Liberty has a special connotation in the USA: free from government control or restrictions. That is why “liberty” is so prominent in the Declaration of Independence, because of the despotic rules of monarchs. We still abide by laws, and our constitution has a bill of rights, which enumerates specific liberties.

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