Inspired from a recent mail in my inbox!

The sole objective of this blog post is to let you know: ‘you’re not alone!’

A few days back I received an email with two words in the subject line, ‘ need help.’ The words in this mail warmed up my heart as I could closely relate to what this person was going true.

This particular email made me think what I have got to offer to you from my experiences, that would be worth some value. After a lot of thinking and writing, I replied to the mail asking for my advice on being educated and unemployed.

You and I are not the first and will definitely not be the last to be dealing with the unemployment situation. But if we can share each others experiences, feelings and lessons, we might be able to relieve some of our burden.

With the above thought in mind, I decided to share the contents of the email I received and my reply to the same.

The email

Email, advice, unemployment, unemployed
An email with two words in the subject line, ‘ need help.’


Came across your blog, and could instantly identify with the title “Educated Unemployed Indian”.

I am an engineering graduate (2012), and have since worked in various fields, done both private and government jobs, but haven’t been really able to settle, Quit my last employment in December, and now I do not know what to do: there are similar options only again, like appear for exams, try for public sector jobs similar to the ones I left.

Could you help?


The (long) Reply:

Advice, Some What to do when unemployed?
Some Friendly Advice on ‘what to do when unemployed?’

Dear S,

I feel humbled that you thought of me as someone to ask for advice. I do not think I’m capable or wise enough to offer you the kind of help you might need right now.

What I can offer you is solidarity and a few words of encouragement. I’m sailing in (or rather I should say trying hard not to sink in) the same boat as you are.

My experiences with regard to jobs are much similar to your’s. The only difference is our professions. You were trained to be an engineer while I was to be a teacher.

Unemployment is no more the only problem job seekers like you and me face today. Our generation today has to deal with under-employment, sudden job loss, poor working conditions, lower pay grades and what not.

Just like you I have also done both private and government jobs. The nature of most of those jobs were contractual, meaning I had to be prepared for unemployment while I was employed. I can’t understand why can’t a qualified person get a decent job. We can’t expect fancy packages in our economy, but can’t one even expect job security as the least of expectations? You might have already guessed, I was destined for disappointment.

I had prepared, appeared and succeeded in clearing few competitive exams but that too only led me to more disappointment.

By now you must be feeling, this mail is not what I expected and not helpful at all. Well, I told you so! Jokes apart, what are we to do with this hopeless situation? The first time when I began to ask myself this question somehow turned out to be the start of my blogging journey.

My advice to you is:

  1. First, don’t lose hope, hold on to your dreams for dear life. Some people have dreams while others had dreams. It’s very easy to slide from the former to the latter category. Try not to do that, let go of the easy way and trust that life will be better the hard way.
  2. Second, we can’t live on dreams alone; can we? Be practical and take care of your financial needs. Your current or prospective job might not take you closer to your dream. But, if it can help you support you in your journey to your dream than accept that. If you are in this very situation, save more and spend the least!
  3. Third, look deep inside your heart and mind to judge the viability of your dream. What do you desire to do in life, how will you do what you desire, is it worth your time & probably money, will it be enough for you to be happy in life? Write all these down and draw a plan to work on your own dreams, not someone else’s!

Make up your mind to face all challenges and whatever comes in your way to your destination of a dream employment for life.

That’s all I have to say. I’m afraid none of the above is solid advice or career counseling to help you navigate in your path to finding a right job. But I do hope reading about my personal experience will help you feel a little less alone in your struggles. And you might find some value in the rest of the words, sentences and paragraphs.

Thank you for reaching out to me. Mails like yours make me feel my voice is being heard and that what I am doing through my blog actually has some meaning.

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Please do share about your thoughts, experiences and lessons learned in dealing with unemployment. You never know what big difference your little sharing can bring into the world! 

Thank you for reading シ

Thank you, gratitude

21 thoughts on “Some Friendly Advice: What to do when unemployed?

  1. It is very rare to come across fine gestures by people these days and what you did for that person was definitely one of them. Had a smile on my face and satisfaction in my heart after reading this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m also unemployed and I’m just really afraid of searching for a job I like. I suffer from anxiety and it makes everything worse 😢 Really great post and beautiful answer to that mail. We are all in the same boat yessss and hopefully we will go though it ❤️⛴️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I feel like you are such a genuine person! I adore this post and your reply! I came across your blog because you liked my post, and I am so happy you did!! I am now a new follower!! (p.s you were one of my first real likes (meaning not my friends or family) on my new blog!! I am so thankful for that!!)

    Liked by 1 person

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