Power words
Trust in me because I trust in you!

Today’s word of the day was suggested by Vicklea.

Words have power | Word of the day 6

Thank you for the trust’worthy suggestion!

Would you like to suggest Word of the Day? 

Name some words that help you, influence you or simply inspire you? The one’s I connect with will be featured here with credit to you for word suggestion.

Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

Thank You! 

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25 thoughts on “Words have power | Word of the day (6)

  1. Resilience….trust is often based upon the notion that the thing or person we trust in has resolve and has proven themselves to be trustworthy. We trust that a chair is designed to hold us and we sit without thought. We trust that God shall sustain us and so without thought we arise every morning no matter the events of the day with resilience knowing we shall conquer, obtain, subdue and overcome. It has been proving therefore we trust confidently in it.

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      1. This post was one of the miracles I received last week, and those miracles prompted me to write my newest post ‘A Day of Miracles’. I mentioned you in the article and I’d like you to know that it’s being featured in a publication called Connected Women. 😊 I came back here to thank you again for posting this when I needed it the most and for inspiring me to write my article.

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