“Your desire to be near to window is your desire to be close to life!”
-Mehmet Murat ildan

The neglected plant stares at me through the window. The window with its cobwebs looks no less neglected. My view offers more than the dust gathering neglected plant and the cobwebs caught window.

Colors through window

A few steps from the window there is the main gate, painted in green. Little brown spots of rusty iron picks through the greens.

There is more green to be seen, I just realized it now! A few more steps from the main gate you can see two or may be three coconut trees, a few tall betal nut trees stands in between.

There is also a little bit of pink from the walls of my neighbor’s house. They, my neighbors have a roof that looks more old than it probably is. It, the roof adds greyish brown or perhaps yellowish green over the pink wall.

Little closer to the window there’s some blue from the bicycle that belongs to my sister. And, on the other side of the window, right beside me there’s a little bit of brown spread over a lot of white, is our furry friend: Nina the lab.

As I sit here staring out (and in) at all these colors, it has started to rain. There is more colors in my view now, colors of the sunset in the grey sky!

💬 Does your window offer similar view like mine? Count and name the colors through your window.

Thank you, gratitude

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18 thoughts on “Counting down colors…

  1. It’s good that we still have some green flora and fauna in some corners of the country. All we get to see in big cities are sky kissing buildings and lush shopping malls. Yet, these builders spend millions “constructing” artificial lakes and garden, after having mowed down all the natural cover. Such shame!!

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