Who doesn’t like taking photos with their phones? We all do! Infact some people (like me) indulge in a lot of mobile photography! I’m sharing one with you today-

The Photo of the Day

Mobile photography, black and white photo
classique | magnifique | superbe

Mobile Photography Tip #7

Most of us can’t resist clicking photos of amazing settings, people, things or beautiful scenes. When we take such photos, we often find that the picture looks too cluttered with objects or colors. The best solution to this problem is to convert the photo into black and white.

Black and white photos can look both chic and classic. You can use an app to directly take black and white photos. Or you can edit your photos later and turn them into timeless classic pieces.

Even Instagram stories has a black and white filter, can you guess which one?


💬 Did you like the photo of the day?

Do share if you have any tips on mobile photography.

Thank you 📷


29 thoughts on “#7 Photo of the Day [Mobile Photography]

  1. cool photo and worthy of b/w
    when i was schooled in photography, i was taught to “see” in b/w and this was how i was taught photography, besides also being taught the rules were there to be bent (today we would say…think outside the box. lol)
    light,contrast and texture all lead one to shoot in b/w and to this day i still “see” in b/w,
    i have tried several apps to shoot b/w on my phone and have discarded them. samsung use to have an option on their phone camera to shoot in b/w for it is much better to shoot in b/w than flip a color photo to b/w. but they discarded that feature sometime ago and now you have to use a filter after the shot is done. 😦

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