“Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.”

Blog about going on a blind date with the world!

This blog post is my entry to The Blind List Contest by IndiBlogger and Lufthansa India.

Have you ever been to a blind date? If not, would you be willing to go on one?

You will probably say: no thank you. Blind dates are scary and unpredictable. I agree, in fact I would have said the same, up until now!

Blind date, explore the world
I’m going on a Blind date with the world!

I would never think of going (let alone go) on a blind date. But today that has changed. I’m ready to walk on unknown territories which are scary and yet promising.

The blind date I’m talking about is not your average or regular kind. The kind where two people, completely unknown to each other meet and get to know each other.

Explore, world, exploring the world
What I know in bits & pieces…

The blind date I’m talking about is between me and the world. The world that I don’t know about at large, what I know is bits and pieces of it. The bits, that I have gathered from external sources and indirect experiences. The pieces, where I have lived, survived and belonged.

So, now you know why I have said yes to this blind date. Even though I know the world (my date) in bits and pieces, this blind date is still as unpredictable and scary as any other blind date.

The world has so much to offer; it’s big, powerful, versatile and full of surprises. And, not all surprises are pleasant! When you walk any unknown territory, you have to consider both the good and bad aspects equally.

Am I scared and apprehensive about going on a blind date with the world? Yes, 100 percent! But will I let my fears stop me from experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure to explore the world? No, are you kidding me!

Like any other blind date, this one will too unfold little by little. It will start with butterflies in the stomach and excitement that you will fail to keep to yourself. The awkwardness will break the ice and slowly some conversations will start.

Blind date, say yes to the world
…we are both very bad at pretending

I will put on my best side and will assume the world, my date is doing the same. But, how long can we pretend and let’s be honest, we are both very bad at pretending.

The date will go on and for a while it will stand on my expectations. But for the rest of it which is most of it, will be beyond the grasp of any of my preconceived notions. All my expectations will lose their meaning and existence then and there.

Walking on unknown territories will mean I will lose my way sometimes. Like the time I lost my way walking the streets of a place I was on vacation for the first time. I was confused when every path I took would take me back where I started. I was irritated when I asked for my way to people standing by, but only to get more lost and confused. But soon the lanes and bylanes started to become familiar and I found my way back.

Exploration, exploring the world
Say yes to the world!

An adventure like this, is no doubt to be feared for who knows what and who will turn up at any moment. If I (and may be you too) let the fear of the unknown stop me from going on this adventure (and you from living life) we will miss out on a lot of amazing things. Like the excitement for new explorations, enthusiasm for enriching experiences, all the fun and good times and most importantly learning about the world and my place in it.

So, I say yes to the invitation for a blind date with the world and willingly go on this adventure to explore what surrounds me inside-out! Who knows, my blind date today becomes your travel inspiration tomorrow.


💬 If the world ever invited you, would you get set and go on a blind date with the world?
Please do share your thoughts in the comments.
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22 thoughts on “Blind date with the world! [Say Yes To The World]

  1. interesting. very interesting, indeed. since arranged marriages happen in your country, i would expect one to not really be that uncomfortable with a blind date. but, what do i know?

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  2. “….learning about the world & my place in it .” – Beautifully written ! I too have penned my thoughts on the same topic which I would like share here :
    #SomethingDifferent #SomethingHatke #TheBlindList #SayYesToTheWorld #BucketList
    My first hand travel experience of a place I have actually never been to !
    Confused ? Read on the whole story to unfold the mystery :
    A Blind date with the World !

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