Can you imagine life without words?

Every hour of every day of our lives are filled with words. Yes, there are hours of the day when we sleep, but even as we sleep our own words echoes in our dreams.

Words are powerful because without words we would lose our ability to connect with others. Words are our primary source of finding meaning in life. Some people also say words have energy and that they carry vibrations.

Not all words carry the same vibration or effect. Some words will make my day while some may break your’s. You can throw all kinds of words in all kinds of sentences; kind words in affectionate sentences, healing words in compassionate sentences or hurtful words in humiliating sentences.

You get my point, choose your words well!

Here are 7 best of word of the day that may or may not make your day but will definitely not break one:

1. Acceptance

Word, power of words, acceptance
Acceptance will make you free!

“Happiness can exist only in acceptance!”

2. Alive

Word of the day, alive, coffee
Don’t just live, be alive!

“To feel completely alive is the most wonderful feeling!”

3. Incredible

Word of the day, image with text
Do what’s impossible to believe!

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known!”

4. Liberty

Free, liberty, word, word of the day
Freedom from all restraints!

Liberty is the state of being free!”

5. Passion

Passion, word of the day
All or nothing!

“Follow, pursue and develop your passion!”

6. Trust

Power words
Trust in me because I trust in you!

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

7. Courage

Word of the day
The ability to face one’s ordeal!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

What do you think about words?

Can a word help you, influence you or simply inspire you?
Do share your thoughts in the comment below.

Thank you, gratitude

38 thoughts on “Best of Word Of The Day | Words Have Power

  1. Words has so much power. Our worlds are framed by our words. What happens when we receive a bad report, we either speak life or we speak about the illness and sucummb to its end. Words has power and how we think or the words we speak will either encourage or discourage us or the ones listening.

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  2. I just sat down one day and made up my mind that the words that will come out of mouth will be about 💘 love, inspiration, positivity, understanding, commuticating, and from the ❤ heart. People tend to ask me my oppinion and I realize how much it was effecting their lives and mine and words do have POWER.

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  3. Words in some way or another are the same like music. They carry feeling, emotions and a message. The list of words chosen by you have such important and lovely meanings.❤️

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