All bloggers need to know how to protect their rights from content thieves and their content from content theft.

Did you ever find your own blog posts copied or copy and paste of some other blogger’s content?

Most of you must have heard about someone copying someone else’s blog content on social media. If you haven’t, just go on twitter and search with the hash tag plagiarism. You will be baffled by how common this issue has become.

Plagiarism, Twitter, content theft
Twitter search

I wasn’t really aware or even interested in this topic until one Sunday. Like every other Sunday of the week I published a blog post on that day, little did I know this wasn’t going to be like any other Sunday.

I found my blog post completely copied on a blog site without any credit, just after a few hours of publishing the post. I looked a second time to make sure this has happened for real. And it was as real as the irritation I was feeling because of it.

After a lot of irritation and needless annoyance, my blog content was removed from that site.

After this experience I realised how common it is for bloggers to find someone copy their original content. So, I decided to put together a blog post with all the important information, to help you take action when someone copies your blog content.

Blogging, blog content
Creating blog content…

As bloggers, we create original and valued content to share about our experiences and help our readers with the learnings through those experiences. We put a lot of time, energy and effort in this process of creating blog content. We must not let someone with wrong intentions take advantage and credit for our hard work.

All bloggers need to know how to protect their rights from content thieves and their content from content theft. I know content thief and content theft is one and the same thing! I just had to put it twice to put across the extent of its importance in our life as bloggers and creators.

In addition to learning about how to create meaningful content, it is paramount for bloggers to learn about how to protect that content from getting copied or stolen. We need to be aware of –

  • our rights as content creators,
  • the options available to us to prevent such undesirable event and
  • last but not the least, the actions we can take when the undesirable event occurs.

After personally having to deal with the above mentioned undesirable event, I know how horrible and hurtful it is to find yourself in that situation. Writing about this topic is my attempt to try and help others like me who might be going or worried they might go through the same undesirable event.

Web content, content theft
Information is liberating…

I have tried to combine information based on what I learned practically and from the research I did on the topic.

Initially I planned to write a single blog post on this topic. But while working on it, it seemed too long and way too much information to be consumed in a single post.

So, this is going to be a short series of six posts which I’ll share over the next six days. This series will cover different aspects of content theft-

  • why you need to stop content theft,
  • how to find out if your content has been stolen or copied,
  • what to do when you find out your content has been stolen and
  • much more.

As all learning should begin with the basics, we’ll begin with the basics here too. Tomorrow I’ll share with you what happens when someone copies your blog content.

Regardless of whether you have come across content theft personally or not, I highly recommend all bloggers to gain knowledge on this topic. Believe me, it is the need of the hour!

I truly hope this series will be of great value to all genuine and hardworking bloggers who create content with the sole intention to inspire and to be inspired.

This series is also available as an EBOOK on Amazon. You can access all the information on Content Theft & Content Copying, organized & well put together in one place. 

Content theft ebook

Start reading it for free:

“Content Theft: The Undesirable Event in the Life of a Blogger”

💬 Have you ever faced an undesirable event like this in your blogging journey?

Please do share your thoughts on the topic.

As always, Thank You for reading :) 

27 thoughts on “Content Theft: How to deal with the most undesirable event in the life of a blogger?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing about your experience. My experience was quite similar to your’s & I believe there are so many others like you & me who faced the same problem. It’s not at all okay to steal someone’s content. You can report sites that copy other’s content on various platforms like wordpress, google, etc.

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