“Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you’ve changed, by believing.”
– Diane Duane

Top ten reasons why you should believe in the universe
Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe

The universe is much bigger and much more intelligent than you or me. It knows what has happened and what will, consequently it takes care of what is happening.

You and I, we don’t have such grand knowledge or great wisdom. So we do what we know best- worry!

But if we could learn to trust in the universe because it always figures out everything in the end, it would make a big difference in our worrying habits.

To be able to put a full stop to the unprofitable habit of worrying is not the only benefit of believing in the universe. When you start believing in the universe it brings along a whole set of privileges.

This is a list of ten such privileges including ‘no more worries’ that you might enjoy if you step into the club called ‘universe knows best’.

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19 thoughts on “Ten reasons why you should believe in the universe!

  1. Your Path
    we can’t imagine
    the edges of infinity
    or the limits of love
    miracles surround
    everything both vast and small
    the fact we’re alive
    we can’t doubt what is
    all there is to discover
    in our brief glimpses
    though we smile and fear
    be grateful that we are here
    strew your path with smiles

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