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9 thoughts on “Words have power | Word of the day (27)

  1. Hi .. , i find it interesting …

    and i suggest the word ” OPTIMIST ”

    and i want each and every person should be an optimist in all situations .. and never give up .

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  2. Raise to rise above
    Above the muck and dirt
    Above the negativity
    And attitudes that hurt …

    Yes, that’s positivity.
    It’s ours to have and hold.
    So lift your words to love
    Raise them up… Be bold! 👍🏽

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  3. Oh I love words. I bet you have so much fun reading these. I would like to suggest “hold on.” I realize it’s two words. It’s what I tell myself when things seem….difficult. Instead of ‘don’t give up,’ I tell myself ‘hold on a just little bit longer.’

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